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Vehemence Quartet

6th of August 2016, Saturday, 9:00 p.m.

Vehemence Quartet – a laureate of the 7th International Azoty Jazz Competition in Tarnów and the 51st edition of prestigious Jazz nad Odrą festival – has proudly entered the forceful young jazz stage of Poland.

The band`s outstanding music is created by unique and homogenous sound of frontmen combined with extremely energetic rhythm section. This amazing mixture of vehemence and unpredictability makes the listeners get into musical trance and go on a splendid journey together with the musicians.



In April 2015 they recorded material for their first album "Anomalia" ("Anomaly"), which has been released by ForTune Records.

The quartet presents their own repertoire and the members of the ensemble, though young, have already achieved a lot: Mateusz Śliwa is a laureate of Jazz Hoeilaart in Belgium, Alan Wykpisz – of BassCopenhagen 2012 in Denmark, and Wojciech Lichtański together with Szymon Madej are the Grand Prix winners of Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa.

They have cooperated with various musicians, such as R. Brecker, E. Henderson, J. Muniak, P. Wojtasik, G. Nagórski, J.Kochan, V. Sendecki or J. Stefański.


"Vehemence Quartet is a "classic" example of the young Polish Jazz scene, which boasts with talent and creativity, combining the modern Jazz tradition with contemporary developments, freedom of expression and the drive to push the music forward into terra incognita, a drive that is rarely present these days anywhere else beyond the borders of Poland."

Adam Baruch - Polish Jazz Blogspot


Vehemence Quartet

Wojciech Lichtański - alto sax.
Mateusz Śliwa - tenor sax.
Alan Wykpisz - double bass
Szymon Madej - drums


Free entrance