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MAX KLEZMER BAND (Poland - France - England)

2nd August 2014, Saturday, 9:00 p.m.




Max Klezmer Band was formed at the end of 1998 by Max Kowalski. Originally inspired by traditional Jewish music, the band developed its own original unique style and sound through constant creative search. Within their songs you can hear elements of Klezmer, Balkan, Indian and jazz music. The band has been playing in Poland and abroad (France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Byelorussia, and Luxemburg, Great Britain, Jamaica). Their concerts are marvellous musical shows which capture the listeners and are unforgettable. The musicians can create an atmosphere that is almost metaphysical, astonishing the audience with the art of virtuosic improvisations. The band has recorded a few CDs to date – Hush Hush premiered in 2012 and Tsunami premiered in 2007. Their music, experienced as a fusion of tradition and modernity, reaches into the depths of the human soul thus uncovering the common cultural and artistic identity of people of various nationalities, inducing reflection and renewing the joy of life.

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MAX KLEZMER BAND - Album Hush Hush

"It’s one album which we are still not bored with and each time we listen to it we find new details, amazing sequences, class and virtuosity. "

Jazz radio
"The musicians, retaining their unique style become immersed in a sea of sounds which like a tsunami penetrates the subconscious, moves one deeply and enraptures. It is music which evokes reflection, unveils new horizons and raises adrenalin levels in listeners as well."

From German Press
"If a listener expects to recognize a well-known Jewish theme, he shall instead hear an explosive mix of musical styles entwined with virtuosic improvisations at the highest level which are far removed from traditional Jewish wedding music."



Max Kowalski - bass, composition
Michael Jones - violin, viola, electric violin, ravanhuta, vocals
Jakub Rutkowski - percussion, composition
Stefan Orins - piano, composition
Aleksander Papierz - saxophone

Free entrance.

English translation: Magdalena Zaremba


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