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Through layman`s ear:

The last day of the festival. Right behind us, a full range of music events: Polish and foreign, calm and energetic, with and without vocal... But today we`ve got something special. Something for which many of us have been waiting impatiently. ARTRANCE – the concert different than all the others.

Why so different? During all the editions of our festival we`ve heard nearly everything. However... Well, maybe it`s because this project is entirely new and the performance in the Ruins will be the third one in the world. Maybe it`s because of an interesting mixture of music and dancing – will the final effect be something more that a normal `concert`? Will it be a real feast for all of our senses?

It`s only the beginning of the show and yet it is obvious that presented music will be far from traditional. Some people are leaving the audience. Another – taking their places and curiously waiting for some new experiences. The audience is full and the stage... nearly empty. The first solo part, long and full of anxiety, the bow drawn against the strings of a guitar, is a moment of waiting  - what will happen next? What should we expect?

Nothing conventional, for sure. The whole performance goes far beyond the traditional concerts both in its form and content. It`s not divided into separate pieces, it`s one tremendous spectacle. A space opera. That`s the name that immediately comes to my head. No wonders – the sound is very futuristic and the combination of guitar, drums and electronic sounds creates an atmosphere of a remote space station from a very distant future. It`s all merged with energetic `robotic` dance and a bit unearthly vocal. The singing, full of echoes and reiterations, makes me think of mermaids in the depths of the ocean, tempting, charming, enticing travellers away from their route. Yet, the ocean is more like the outer space and the mermaid – a bionic woman...

The music is swirling around me, calling, making the blood rush faster in my veins, the dance is magnetic and I can`t take my eyes off the performers. Suddenly, I want to join the show, become a part of it. I realise that my body moves to the rhythm all the time, totally apart from my consciousness. However, the spectacle affects not only emotions and senses. It`s something more than spontaneous sound and movement. I can fully understand it much later when, together with my friend, I discuss our versions of the story shown during the performance.

And then the inevitable comes – it`s the end of the show. The trance is over and I feel a bit sad about it. But now it`s time for vigorous applause and shouts from the audience. The artists appear on the stage one more time. Clearly, I wasn`t the only one who feels that their inner batteries were recharged by this music from a distant future. Yes, this is real art – something more than music, something more than dance. Art and trance... ARTRANCE.


Author: Magdalena Zaremba


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