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Jazz in the Ruins … the 13th

Spring all over the country … meaning still quite a lot of time to the festival, but it’d be wise to start preparations. Yes, we know the festival will take place. Unless the Victoria Theather’s Ruins will collapse …


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Jazz features – poster exhibition

An opening of posters’ exhibition of young artists from all over the world – graduates, but also students of art colleges from almost every corner of the world.


In this year the theme of the exhibition is – “Jazz features”. All the genres and directions in art that have ever had any contact with jazz.  How? It’s totally up to the participants of the exhibition.

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The Quintet feat. Hannes Riepler

The Quintet is a new project of Szymon Łukowski, a saxophonist, composer and arranger connected with music communities of Tri-City and Bydgoszcz. For a long time Łukowski had been performing as a sideman in various ensembles, e.g. Piotr Lemańczyk Quartet North or Jan Konop Big Band.


The ensemble refreshes the formula of a classic quintet by using both vibraphone and guitar as chord instruments. This, mixed with the sound of saxophones, opens new musical realms, which are unable to reach by using piano as a chord instrument.

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In 2014 three young musician from Vorarlberg and one from Vienna established an electrifying ensemble, which they called Existenzhengste (a word play between 'Existential fears' and 'Existential studs').


The name itself shows that the basis of the quartet's creativity is a mixture of despair, megalomania and sense of humour. During the concert they are going to present their own compositions, inspired by Swagger-Grooves, post-modern brass music and Free Jazz.

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Albert Vila Trio

Albert Vila forges an impressive well-designed escape from the traditional side of jazz in favor of exploring the more creative and challenging aspects of modern music. Edward Blanco


Albert Vila manages to sculpt musical creations that speak to the senses and soul, and provide a window into his own unique world. Dan Bilawsky

His record shows that the creativity in the talented human mind can find constant new and beautiful things to do with what is, after all, the same 12 notes we’ve been using for thousands of years. Doug Perkins

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